Are you writing on the God-waiting board?

The word god waiting is like a slang word used by drunken girls in dating sites. If you are away from home, you will not have a place to stay and you will have no money. In such a case, searching for a god as “a man who provides a place to stay” is a “waiting for god”. This is what I mean, “Will someone stays away from home?” 
God waiting bulletin board is a dedicated bulletin board for such “God waiting”. If there is a man who says “Okay”, that’s definitely living alone, so of course, I expect sex. If you are under 18 years old, you will be a criminal offense, but you can think that men who don’t do it are approaching. However, girls also understand it, so they will respond. Whether this God waiting board itself is dating, it is non-dating once. In addition, the administration has an interpretation that the wait for God is neither a helping companion nor offering a place to recruit it because money is not being exchanged. Even if there was a man committing a criminal act there, it was done by self-judgment. The God-waiting board side is not involved at all. Also, it seems that a considerable number of cases have been used for depression, but this is also a stance that the management side has no responsibility at all. It can be said that it is a seemingly free and easy-to-play bulletin board, but it can be said that it is easy to get caught in trouble if you have a strong ability to control yourself and a high ability to avoid danger. All self-responsibility is very difficult. When you are involved in a depression, it is important to consult with the police first, without thinking that you will be praised. Although we have courage, this action will prevent the spread of damage.
It is a God-waiting board that looks like it looks like only junior high school girls and high school girls, but it seems that housewives who have gone home have also been used recently. The age group is gradually expanding. Men who are acting as adults may be supposed to use this God waiting board. It is better to check the age properly, so if you don’t think your relationship with a minor is good, you can avoid that encounter. It will also be available for the purpose of “helping the housewife in a troubled home and have fun with yourself”.